Static HTML output

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This type of output enables you to output all the latest timetables of your school in HTML at the press of a button. A navigation bar is automatically output which you can use to switch between the timetables of the exported elements (classes, teachers, rooms, subjects and student timetables).





We will start straightaway with an example to demonstrate how easy and quick it is to perform this type of export:

Open file demo.gpn.

Click on the <Info timetable> toolbar icon.



Click on the <Edit> button.





Specify a valid export directory.

On the “Timetable” tab, check the elements ‘Classes’, ‘Teachers’ and ‘Rooms’ .





Confirm your input with <OK>.

Click the <Export> button.


The export directory that you specified now contains both the complete HTML pages required for display as well as the default.htm file. Provided there is a web browser installed on your computer you can view the output by double-clicking on this file.


In order to publish this output on your intranet, for example, place the directory containing the export files in a shared server directory or on a web server. If you have an external web server you can upload the data to the directory using an FTP application.


The following pages contain a detailed description of the options open to you for making adjustments to "static HTML" output.