Info mode

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When Untis is launched in info mode, the .gpn file is checked at regular intervals to see if changes have been made and if so, it is reloaded.







Tip: Changing reload time

A .gpn file read in info mode is checked for changes at 10-second intervals. This interval can be modified in the untis.ini file in the Windows directory. Simply add the following line to the [info]section:

ReloadTime=time [sec]

Replace [sec] with the number of seconds that Untis should wait before re-checking.


The display in info mode differs from that in Untis mode in several respects:

The toolbar in the main window has only a small number of icons.

No toolbar is displayed in any of the individual windows.

The master data windows have no form view.


Communication between the individual windows works in the same way that you are accustomed to in Untis. If you click on a teacher in the master data view you will see his/her timetable displayed in the teacher timetable.


From working in the Untis-mode, you are already familiar with almost all the icon functions in the toolbar. The only new icon is <Refresh screen>, which restores the original positions of all windows (e.g. after windows have been closed).





If substitution mode is active this also automatically sets the date to the current date .


There is a small difference in print functionality. In info mode it is only possible to make general settings in the print selection dialogue. You can choose, e.g. between portrait and landscape format but you can only print the current timetable.