Including additional attachments

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You can attach to the e-mail any file you wish in addition to the HTML timetables. These files must have the teacher’s short name as name and can have any extension, e.g. Hol.pdf for a teacher with the short name 'Hol'.


All files that are to be sent as attachments must be in the directory specified for “E-mail attachments” under “Settings | Miscellaneous | Directories”. When sending e-mails Untis checks this folder and attaches any files it finds with the corresponding short name of the teacher to whom the e-mail is sent. Teacher “Hol” therefore receives not just his timetable data but also the file “Hol.pdf”.








Including attachments to all teachers / students

In addition to timetables, you can also send any files you wish to all teachers and students. To do this, first create a folder “teacher” for teachers and “student” for students containing the files that you wish to send. These two folders must be in the directory specified for "E-mail attachments" under "Settings | Miscellaneous | Directories".