Integrating additional HTML files

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It is sometimes necessary to embed additional HTML files into the monitor output if e.g. an announcement for an annual school event is to be displayed on its own page. The procedure is described below:


1.) Under 'Settings | Miscellaneous' enter a directory path in the 'HTML files' line on the 'Directories' tab.





2.) In the folder specified in step 1), create an additional directory with the name 'info monitor' and copy all the HTML pages you created (ending in *.htm or *.html) into it. These additional files must be valid HTML pages and must not contain the <meta http-equiv="refresh"...> tag.




Tip: Restrict attachment files to one setting

If you have created e.g. an output setting called 'Break room' and another called 'Staff room' and wish to export additional files just for 'Break room', create an additional sub-folder called 'Break room' in the folder defined in step 2) and copy your data into it.



The data will now be automatically included in the sequence of monitor output.







Tip: Specifying the sequence of additional files

If you are including several files and wish to specify the sequence, number the HTML pages in the desired order, i.e. File_01.htm, File_02.htm, ...