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The timetable is the organisational focus of any school.

That is why it is important to keep all teachers and students informed of any changes that can be caused for example by blocked rooms or absent classes and teachers.


The traditional means of informing those affected was by notices, i.e. printed lists, posted at central points in the school, accessible to everyone involved.


The info timetable module is a set of software tools with which you can publish a school's complete up-to-date timetable via the school's own network to every computer in the school, or via the Internet.


The info timetable module offers you several additional independent solutions for publishing up-to-date information:

HTML-based output for the latest timetables

Monitor HTML output for student monitors

Untis info mode

Database export for processing the latest data subsequently

Automatic e-mail distribution of the latest timetables, lessons, substitutions and substitution statements

Automatic text message (SMS) distribution of the latest substitutions