Setting up window groups

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You can decide which information - i.e. which Untis windows in which order - should be displayed on the info terminals. This is determined with the help of window groups in the timetable and substitution planners' current file.


In order to create window groups, first arrange the windows that you wish to save next to each other in a clear order. Then go to the <Window groups> button top right in the Untis window. A window will open allowing you to save this arrangement of windows.








If you create a window group for info mode, you must give each group the name 'Info[char]' whereby you can enter a digit 1-9 or a letter A-Z for [char]. Please note that the first letter “I” of Info must be in upper case.



The predefined window groups supplied with the system are called Info1 through Info4, with the two groups Info1 and Info2 being configured for (standard) Untis mode and Info3 and Info4 for substitution mode. can of course modify these predefined window groups at any time.