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Numerous settings can be made for the transmission of substitution messages. These can be found under “Settings | Cover planning | Substitution messages”


In the “Send message” section you define which substitution events should be listed in the substitution message window. The selection boxes “Only new substitutions” and “Only messages” refer to the fields with the same name that can be checked in the substitutions window. “Only messages not yet sent” refers to those events that have not yet been sent by SMS or e-mail and have therefore not yet caused the “sent” box in the substitution messages window to be activated.





The field “Event is within (n) school days” indicates how many days from the output date substitution messages should be sent.


The “E-mail” and “SMS” options in the “Notify via” section can be used to specify whether the fields with the same name in the messages window should by default be activated or not.


If no e-mail address or mobile telephone number is entered in the teacher master data the notification method fields will in any case be deactivated in the messages window.