'Monitor HTML' settings

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Just like static HTML output you can save different settings under different names. Please refer to chapter Info timetable dialogue section for more information.


After selecting one of the output settings and clicking the <Edit> button a dialogue is displayed in which you can make all the settings for monitor output.


Give all saved output a self-documenting name (e.g. or "Break room") using the 'Name' field.


By clicking the button to the right of 'Cover format' you can select the format from the substitution windows defined during cover planning for the list output. The button is labelled with the selected format.





Output date

As a general rule Untis outputs substitution data for the day defined as start date in the Info timetable dialogue . However, if several output configurations are saved it can make sense to have a different date from the start date in some outputs, for example when one monitor should display only today's substitution lists and another only those scheduled for tomorrow.


Use the field "Output date (days after start date)" to influence which date should be the first day output in this output configuration. If you have defined e.g. 22 September as the start date and enter 2 in the output date field, the output will begin with 24 September.





Furthermore, you can use the field "No. of days" to specify for how many days the output should contain.