Creating a shortcut

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Right-click on an empty space on the desktop.

Select “New | Shortcut” from the context menu.





The shortcut target must be the Untis program. An additional parameter must be entered in order for the application to run in info mode.


Select <Browse> and create the shortcut to the file Untis.exe. Alternatively you can enter the path manually.






Provided you did not change the default path when you installed Untis, the path for the 2017 application version should look as follows:




In order for the application to run in info mode the path to the desired file and the name of the window group must be added. This could look as follows:




The complete path is therefore as follows:


'C:\Programme(x86)\Untis\2017\Untis.exe'        C:\Untis\Demo_Info.gpn,Info1


where C:\Untis\Demo_Info.gpn is the name (including path) of the file that is to be displayed and Info1 is the name of the window group that is to be used for display. Please note that there is no space before the ,Info1 parameter.


If you did not install Untis in the default path proposed you must enter the path you defined instead of






Click on <Continue>

Enter 'Info timetable' as name and click on <OK>.

Now launch Untis in info mode by double-clicking on the 'Info-timetable' icon.