Untis in info mode

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Untis in info mode offers a further possibility for publishing current timetables in your network.


This method makes the typical Untis windows available to the user. These windows can communicate with one another and allow teacher, class and room timetables to be displayed simultaneously without the user being able to modify any data in the school file.


The following figure is a schematic representation of how the info mode can be used at three info terminals:





In contrast to the HTML-based info timetable, where Units generates HTML files, the concept of Untis in info mode is based on the fact that Untis is installed on each computer where the timetable can be queried (info terminals) accessing the actual .gpn file used by the scheduler.


This difference is in certain circumstances extremely important from the point of view of data security. Whereas HTML files contain only those timetable data that you decide to publish, the .gpn file contains all data, sometimes including sensitive data that can be read bypassing Untis.


Untis is launched on the info terminals with a parameter that enables it to be run in info mode, which allows timetables to be easily queried but which does not permit any data to be modified.





It is technically quite easily possible to start Untis in normal mode with all the consequences for data security. Appropriate network parameters must be defined to ensure data security.