HTML settings in the timetable

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The info timetable module allows a special format for each output of the “static HTML” function to be specified for the display of the timetable. Special settings for HTML pages can be specified within these formats.


By default, all settings made in the timetable are included in the HTML output. This applies to all the elements that can be seen in the timetable (subject, teacher, room ...) but also to colour settings and fonts for those elements.


The following steps describe how to define additional settings:

Start Untis and load the demo.gpn file

Open a class timetable e.g. via “Classes | Class timetable”

Click the <Timetable settings> icon

Activate the HTML tab


Here you have the opportunity to influence the minimum height and width of a timetable period, the column width of the row labels and the alignment of the contents.





If the option 'Entire width of the cell' is unchecked, the lettering in a timetable cell will be centred whereas if the option is checked, the full width of the cell will be used ensuring that the lettering reaches the edge of the cell.

Allow word wrapping

If this option is activated a new line will begin automatically when there is not enough space in the HTML output for text.