'Static HTML' tab

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After selecting an output configuration from the list in the "Info timetable" dialogue and clicking <Edit> you can make changes to the settings for HTML output in the subsequent dialogue.


Define a meaningful name and specify how many weeks from the start date should be exported. This is also where the export directory is specified.





You cannot export weeks beyond the end of the school year, i.e. you can only export a maximum of 3 weeks if there are only 3 weeks left. Please refer to chapter Navigation tab for a description of the field "Weeks on the top directory level"


Term-based output of timetables


By default, "Static HTML" is output on a weekly basis. You can use the check box “One timetable per term (instead of per week)” to specify that timetables should be exported on a term-by-term basis.





The "Maximum number of weeks" field can be used to restrict the number of terms to be output (0 = all terms up to the end of the school year). The export begins with the term containing the start date.