'Substitutions' tab

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In addition to the various timetable formats you can – if you use the cover planning module – output substitution lists containing the day-to-day changes in the timetable, for example if a teacher is ill or a class is on an excursion.


Similar to the way in which you define the output timetables , you can select which substitution lists you wish to export by default (classes, teachers) and also define in which predefined formats this will occur.






You can also specify whether the output lists should contain all the elements concerned or whether each element should be output individually.





Restricting the number of substitution days

Cover plans are not normally created for a whole week in advance but for just a couple of days. Untis therefore allows you to restrict the number of substitution days.


To do this, check the "Daily display" box on the "Substitutions" tab and set how many days should be output. An entry of 0 will output substitutions for the whole week.







Note: Output of the first week

If you select e.g. a Wednesday as the start date and wish to output 4 days, these days will be counted from Wednesday. Irrespective of this, Monday and Tuesday of the first week will also be output.