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lesson.txt (timetable data)

Contains one or more data records for each lesson period in the period of time exported. The records are output sorted by teacher, weekday and period. The sequence of teachers corresponds to the sequence of teachers in the teacher master data.


Fields :

1 char - teacher (short) name, e.g. New

2 byte - number of the weekday (Monday = 1, Sunday = 7)

3 byte - number of the period, e.g. 3

4 char - subjects (short) name, e.g. Mat

5 char - room (short) name, e.g. R2a

6 int -internal Untis lesson number (= 0 if this lesson is not a regular lesson), e.g. 90

7 byte code: currently not used

8 char - class (short) name, e.g. 2a

9 char(53) - week flags: a flag for each calendar week (the first character is for the first calendar week etc.)

 -        no data were output for this week

 0        lesson is not held this week

 1        lesson is held this week

 x        lesson does not apply this week


Example 1 :

New        1        3        Mat        R2a        90        0        2a



Explanation for example 1 : On Monday (=1) teacher New takes class 2a in the third period for subject Mat in room R2a. Lessons were exported for 12 weeks

(110111111111). The first week is calendar week 36. This lesson is not held in week 38. The lesson does not apply in week 40.


Example 2 :

Arist        1        4        SportM        Th2        73        0        1a



Arist        1        4        SportM        Th2        73        0        1b



Rub        1        4        SportK        Th1        73        0        1a



Rub        1        4        SportK        Th1        73        0        1b



Explanation for example 2 : In the fourth period on Monday teachers Arist and Rub have classes 1a and 1b for sport. The two teachers take different subjects that indicate that Arist gives a sports lesson for girls and Rub a sports lesson for boys.

The lessons for four weeks were exported beginning in calendar week 36.