Mailing of timetables

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In the "E-Mail" window of the timetables you can select the teachers and students who should receive their individual timetable via e-mail by clicking on the <Select> button.










This selection only shows teachers and students who have an e-mail address entered in their master data.



You can send every teacher the timetables of the classes he or she is class teacher of by checking the box "Send class timetable". The respective entries can be made in the master data of the classes in the field "Class teacher".


You can specify for this timetable as for any other the format for the output. Click the button to the right of the <Select> button and choose a timetable format from the list. The selected format will be displayed as the label of the respective button.





The second button (in the screenshot it is called <Layout> button) refers to the format selection of the class timetable.


If the timetable should not be sent as HTML file but as PDF file, check the box 'PDF'.