Sending subst. messages by SMS/e-mail

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If you have the cover planning module you can use the info timetable to inform colleagues by e-mail or text message (SMS) of any change to their timetable.


In order for SMS transmission to function correctly Untis must be informed about the provider the messages are to be sent by. The corresponding settings are entered under “Settings | Miscellaneou | E-Mail”.


Communication with the provider is effected via an http-interface and you can enter the appropriate URL for the transmission of messages in the SMS section of the window.





Alternatively you can send messages also via WebUntis provided that you use WebUntis and ordered an SMS package.




Tip: SMS providers

Untis have concluded agreements with SMS providers in order to obtain a favourable price per SMS message. We would therefore recommend that you contact your nearest Untis partner, who will inform you on the possibilities in your region and, where possible, let you have the corresponding URL.



If your internet connection has a proxy server you can enter the necessary settings under “Settings | Miscellaneous | Internet”.






Teachers' telephone numbers can be entered in the mobile telephone number field in teacher master data.





The format for entering the mobile telephone number (e.g. country code/area code/number) depends on the individual provider. Please contact your nearest Untis partner if you require assistance.


The actual transmission of SMS and/or e-mail starts when you click the <Messages>IS_17_050toolbar icon.





You will now see a list beginning from the set calendar date showing all changes in the timetable. Besides substitutions and cancellations, these also include events, releases and break supervisions.


Untis automatically generates a text for each substitution, which you can, if you wish, change by double-clicking on the “Text” field.


Furthermore, the “sent” column indicates whether this substitution message has already been sent. The “SMS” and “E-mail” fields allow you to determine the dispatch method.


The <Send> button starts transmission.


As with timetable transmission by e-mail, Untis writes a line in a log file that contains the most important data for each message when substitution messages are sent. You can open this file with the <Log-file> button and check whether transmission has worked correctly.