Selecting an alternative course

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It is generally not always necessary to choose an alternative course. Course optimisation can automatically determine the most suitable course. However, you of course have the possibility of making a course choice manually.

Assigning a course (to a student)


In order to select an alternative course, i.e. to assign an alternative course to a student, simply double-click on the desired alternative course (in the course choice window). This course will be added to the "Choice" column.


Alternatively, you can perform course assignment using the corresponding toolbar button after selecting the desired course.




In the example above, course d3 was assigned with a double-click.



Note: Assigning unfavourable courses

You can also assign courses which are highlighted red if you confirm this by clicking <OK> in the appropriate message window.


Deleting a student/course assignment


If you wish to remove a course assignment simply double-click on the chosen course in the "Choice" column or use the corresponding toolbar button.


Please note that you can only remove a course assignment if more than one alternative course has been entered in the course choice.

Fixing the course choice


A different alternative course may be assigned during course optimisation. If the course choice is to remain unchanged, you can fix it. Fixed course choices are marked with a *.





The figure above illustrates the following situation:


Courses in rows 1, 2, 7 and 10 are entered automatically since there is no alternative course.

Courses in rows 3-5 have been selected and fixed.

For each course rows 8 and 9 there is only one clash-free option.

A choice can be made in row 6 between g1 and g2.