Course window

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Thecourse window of the course-student-overview displays a list of all courses of the selected class or class level/year..


You can right-click with the mouse to display or hide the following columns:






Class(es) for which the course is held (e.g.



Marking box

To permanently mark a course


Lesson number (e.g.12 or 19)



Subject (e.g. bio or M1)



The division number is entered under '




' and indicates lessons that are taken by different groups in the class. A student may only be assigned one lesson from a group of lessons/courses with the same division number. For example, the mathematics courses






for class


all share the division number


. Each student may therefore only choose one of these courses.



Note: Division numbers

If the division numbers of the classes taking part in a lesson are different, the relevant division numbers are indicated in the sequence of the classes. Otherwise a division number is indicated only once.



Shows the total number of students who have chosen the course (irrespective of the class or class level selected).


'Min. No.' 'Max No.'

These fields are only shown in the course scheduling module.

Here you can define the minimum and maximum number of students permitted for the relevant course. This entry is important in combination withCourse optimisation




Course periods per week



Teacher giving this course.


Number of course choices where the course is displayed. This field is only shown in the course scheduling module.



Shows the name of the cluster (band) that the course belongs to. Please refer to section 'Simultaneous courses (clusters) ' for more information.


Line text / Line text 2

Any texts you want to add to the course.

Student group

The student group allocated to this course.


The lesson group allocated to this course (only when you use

Multiweek timetable



Eff. time range

The time range of the school year in which the course can take place.


When you select a course by clicking on it with the mouse, the row in question is displayed dark blue. This course is now the active course. All students of the active course will be listed in the detail window and also highlighted light blue in the student window.