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The diagnosis for students displays, on the 'Students' tab, students with clashes, non-teaching periods and lunch breaks that are too short or too long.








Course with no students assigned

Courses with no students assigned should be ignored.


Courses with all students of a class

Courses to which all students have been allocated need to be removed from course choice and converted into a lesson.


Course coupling: same subject in 2 rows

If a coupling is converted into a course, there must not be the same subject in two rows of this coupling, since many functions of the Student timetable and Course scheduling modules may fail.


Course choice: lesson more than once

If a course is coupled and a student is assigned to two courses in one coupling, it will be shown here.


Course: 0 students of class

When creating this course (in a lesson window), one or several classes were entered into the 'Classe(s)' field but no student chose this course. For optimization purposes it is better to remove this class from the respective 'Lesson definition'.


Cluster impossible to schedule (dbl.-single prds.)

This cluster holds contradictory double and single period requirements. Therefore, this cluster cannot be scheduled in this format.


Overbooking and underboooking of courses

The number of assigned students is in conflict to the data entered in 'Min. number of students/course' and 'Max. number of students/course'




The 'Timetable' tab shows those students whose timetable has NTPs and clashes or where the lunch break is too long or too short.