Course-cluster-matrix functions

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The following functions can be accessed via the toolbar of the ‘Course-Cluster’ matrix:





Add course to the cluster

Remove course from the cluster

Create new cluster

Delete cluster

Split cluster

Divide cluster by class level

Cluster to coupling

Fix the cluster

Merge similar clusters

Display student clashes


Matrix settings


                                                                                         For the following functions you do not need a button:


Column width

You can change the width of the cluster columns by dragging the boundary of the right side of the first column to the width you want. Untis then adjusts all other column widths according to the first column. This column width is then saved.



Sorting according to the cluster columns is possible by clicking on the column heading as usually. Now all courses of this cluster are shown one after the other.



If you want to rename a cluster, right-click in the row with the cluster name and then chose 'Rename' in the context menu. Now you can change the name of the cluster in the field.


Changing the number of periods per week

If you want to change the number of periods per week of a cluster, right-click in the row of the weekly periods and chose 'Change weekly periods' in the context menu.



Note: Weekly periods cannot be changed arbitrarily

Please note that weekly periods of clusters with courses cannot be changed arbitrarily. You always can decrease the number of periods. As a consequence the unscheduled periods of the allocated courses rises. Increasing the number of cluster periods is only possible if all allocated courses of the cluster have sufficient unscheduled periods for the increase.