Course-student-matrix functions

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The following functions are available in this window:





Assign course


Use this button (or a double-click in the cell in question) to assign the selected alternative course to a course option or to change the current course assignment. If you activate the check box 'Allow new subject choices' in the settings for this window, you can also use this button to form new course options.


Delete assignment


In a similar manner to the previous function, you can use this button (or a double-click in the cell in question) to delete a course assignment. However, course choices cannot be deleted.


Optimisation of student allocation


You can also have courses assigned to students by automatic scheduling. Here you have the option of selecting students by year, class or individually.


This optimisation will only offer students class-free assignments, and efforts will be made to spread student numbers evenly over the courses.




Use the filter function to restrict the students displayed to those who have the currently active course in the course choice. If you activate the filter and e.g. click on the row with the course bio2 , only the studentswill be displayed who have course bio2 as an alternative course.




This function enables you to refresh the window e.g. after changes to master data.




The settings dialogue allows you to determine whether new subject choices should be allowed (please refer also to the 'Assign course' function for this window) and whether student names should be displayed vertically or horizontally.