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The course-cluster-matrix window provides a number of lists for you to print or display by selecting the <Print> or <Print preview> buttons from the main toolbar.






The course-cluster-matrix is always printed in the form that is displayed on the screen. The same column and row headings are printed as in the screen display.


If student clashes (please refer to section 'Display student clashes' in the section above) are currently displayed in cells when the print command is called, they will also be printed.

Cluster vs. courses list

This list shows the name of all courses contained in each cluster with the relevant number of students.


You can limit the output to certain courses by entering one or more statistical codes in the detail settings.



The course-course matrix shows you how many students take two different courses at the same time. It thus indicates how many student clashes would result if the two courses were scheduled simultaneously in a cluster.


Any clashes resulting from a possible assignment of alternative courses are also shown in parentheses.< br>

StudentPrint names

In the general <Settings> go to 'Reports | Print names' to determine a so-called Print name for students. Here you can define, e.g. that the first and the surname are shown or printed by default instead of the short name.


This setting is respected e.g. in the ‘Course-Student Choice’ window and the ‘Course-Student matrix’ window, provided that you checked the box ‘Display students' print names’ in the <Settings> of the respective window.