Printing exams

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The 'Exams' window provides a number of lists for you to print or display by selecting the <Print> or <Print preview> buttons from the main toolbar.






Exams entry data

This list type outputs all exams for the currently active time range in a summary list.



Exams vs.students list

This list type outputs each exam with all participating students on a separate page.



Conflicting courses list

Select this list type to generate a list of all courses that clash with the currently selected exam.



Conflicting courses vs. students list

This list outputs each conflicting course on a separate page listing all students participating in the exam.



Students vs. exams list

Select this list type to output a summary of each student with his/her exams.


Exam times per day

Every day is shown with exams, when which exam will take place.


As is usual with Untis, you can also make detail settings for these lists. For example, you can use the 'Print courses with lesson-numbers' check box to specify whether just the course name or also the associated lesson number should be output.


Report teacher-exam schedule


Additionally there is the possibility to print all exams sorted according to teachers via the 'Start' tab - 'Reports'.