Entering a course choice

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You must first select a row in the course choice window in order to enter a course choice. Selecting an empty row opens a new course choice. Selecting a filled row allows you to add alternative courses.



Tip: Next row

Checking the box 'Advance the cursor to the next line' will cause the cursor to move to the next row in the course choice window after a course is chosen.





Adding a course to the course choice


For assigning a course to a student, activate the last, empty row on the left side and then double-click on the course in the course list.

Or you go to the right side, select several courses and drag and drop them into the course choice on the left side. With this method every course is entered into a single row (without an alternative course).




Note: With parallel course assignment

Checking the box 'Include all parallel courses' causes any parallel courses to be transferred to the course choice window automatically. Parallel courses, i.e. courses with the same teaching content, can be automatically recognised in Untis by the same subject name (which may only be supplemented at the end by a number).



Adding alternative courses to the course choice


Now you can select alternative courses for course choices by selecting the respective row in the course selection. Either you double-click on the respective course in the course list or you select one or more courses using the mouse and then clicking on the blue-framed arrow pointing to the left or using drag and drop to move them to a new row in the course choice window while pressing the left mouse-button.



Deleting alternative courses from the course choice


If you wish to remove alternative courses from an existing course choice use the mouse to select the courses and then either press the blue-framed arrow pointing right or use drag and drop to pull the course(s) to the course list window. You can remove entire course choices In the same way.


Adding a course as an alternative course to all similar course choices


However, if you make the course choice for only one student and click on the blue-framed multiple arrows pointing left, the selected courses will be added not just to the current students but also to all other students who have the same course choice. Course choices are considered to be the same if they contain the same alternative courses with the same course priorities as the selected course choice.




If the view has been limited to a particular class, the new alternative courses will only be added to students in this class.



Delete all course choices


This function deletes the course choices of all students in the selected class(es).




This function not only deletes all alternative course assignments, it also deletes all course choices. This means that no student in the selected class will have any course assigned after carrying out this function.