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Untis provides a number of interfaces which you can use to easily exchange student data, course data and exam scheduling data with other applications.


Import / Export course data


If the course scheduler and the timetable scheduler are different people and more or less independent of each other and wishing to work with two separate Untis files, this function can be used to transfer course date to the timetable file.



You will find the appropriate menu item 'Import/Export course data' under 'File | Import/Export'.


The export command writes the following course data to a file.


Subjects (name and long name)

Courses (underlying lesson)

Student master data

Student course choices


Cluster conditions


The course file can be imported with the import command, with the lessons being created as additional entries. When importing data you can thus specify that lessons should not be imported. Lessons/courses are then identified by the lesson number. The lesson numbers may not be modified in this case in order to ensure that data can be successfully transferred.


Import / export of DIF files


You can import and also export the following data records as DIF files (Data Interchange Format).


Student master data ('GPU010.TXT')

Course choices ('GPU015.TXT')

Exam data ('GPU017.TXT')





You will find an exact description of the file structure if you move the cursor to the appropriate menu item and press <F1>.