Exam scheduling

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Exams (tests) are held in the course of the school year. These are one-off events on fixed dates. Specifying an exam date has direct consequences for normal lessons, which should if possible continue without interruption. If students take most lessons together since they are included in fixed classes, lessons taking place at the time of the exam will simply be cancelled since all students in the class will normally have to take the exam.


However, if students have elective courses, the scheduler will need exact information about


for which courses an exam is being held (exam courses),

which students are taking part in the exam,

which courses are taking place in parallel to the exam (here quite naturally only those courses are relevant where at least one student is taking part in the exam) and

how many students remain from the courses affected by the exam.


This is where exam scheduling comes into play since it supplies this very information to the scheduler. The core of exam scheduling is the ' Exam scheduling ' window, which helps you when putting together courses for which an exam can be held, together with the ' Exams' window, which provides you with the relevant information on all exams.