Exam scheduling and cover planning

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If you have licensed the Cover scheduling module, data from exam scheduling can flow directly into the current timetable. Exams are accepted there as special duties, and courses with few remaining students result in cancellations.







Make relevant for cover planning





By making exams relevant for cover scheduling, the impact of these exams will be shown in the up-dated daily timetable. In order to make exams relevant for cover scheduling either click on the respective button or you check the box of the c'Cver planning' column. The exams are shown in the timetables and the cover scheduling lists after confirmation.





You can enter supervision teachers or exam rooms also directly in the cover scheduling lists.








Generate cancellations





You can cancel courses with only a few remaining students in the' Course conflicts ' window using the <Generate cancellations> button. The course will be cancelled with regard to cover planning and the row will be highlighted red to indicate the cancellation. A cancellation of this type can be reversed in cover planning.


The exams and the cancellations will be shown in all timetables, also in the student timetables.