Course-student lists

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There are a number of lists that can be printed and to a large part also output in HTML format.


These lists are accessed direct from the course-student overview by clicking on the <Print> or <Print preview> buttons in the Quick Access Toolbar.


After calling the print command, the initial print dialogue is opened where you can select the desired list type.





The following list types are available for selection:






Studs/Course-List (short)

Course/Stud.-List (short)






                                                                 The initial print dialogue allows the font and margin settings to be modified for all lists. Furthermore, printing can be limited to selected courses and students.


If courses have had to be distributed over several rows of lessons during the creation of the timetable (e.g. in order to be able to specify that 2 periods of a 5-period course have to take place in the afternoon), the subject names of these courses will be repeated in the lists.


When several courses share the same name (within a class), the "Suppress double courses in selection" option causes only one course to be selected and thus only one of these courses to be printed. This option can therefore be used to avoid courses with the same name appearing e.g. in the "Studs/Course-List (short)".


You can specify what should be printed when a teacher or student name appears in a list on the "Print-names" tab' in the dialogue Report-Settings (menu item "Reports | Report Settings"). By default, the short names of these elements are printed. However, if you wish for example to print students' first and last names instead of short names in the 'Course/Students List', select "Stud. First+Full N." as the 'Print-name for students'.