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The course-student-matrix, as its name suggests, provides an overview of which courses have been chosen by which students or which courses appear in the course choices of which students.


It contrasts students (columns) with courses (rows), with an entry at the intersection of the two indicating that the course appears in the student's course options.


The number in the cell indicates the number of the student's course choice. If a student's column contains several courses with the same number, this means that they are alternative courses.


An "X" at the intersection indicates that the course has been chosen by the student in question, i.e. it has been assigned to the student. These cells are also highlighted in blue.


Alternative courses are highlighted in either green or red depending on whether they are 'favourable' or 'unfavourable' for the student.





The course detail window at the bottom displays additional data about the currently selected course such as statistical codes or clusters to which this course belongs. Furthermore, you will also see the courses that make the selected course a poor choice.


The matrix generally displays all students and courses. However, you can use the combo boxes 'Class level' (year) and 'Class' as well as the check box 'Only students with open course choices' to restrict the display to specific students and courses.