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The course-student-choice window consists of two parts: the student list in the upper section and the course details in the lower section.







Students list


The student list displays those students for the currently active course who have this course in their course choices.


In addition to the students' names, the window also lists their class,statistics code(s) and any alternative courses to this course choice.



Note: Alternative courses

If the 'Alternative courses' box is checked, all the students of the alternative courses will also be displayed.




Statistical codes


You can enter one or more statistical codes in the 'Stat. code(s)' column for each student. These statistical codes play an important role in the context of exam scheduling .


Course detail view


The detail window displays additional data about the currently selected course such as teacher, weekly periods or clusters to which this course belongs. Furthermore, you will also see the courses that make the selected course a poor choice.


Choosing an alternative course


This function enables you to specify an alternative course of a course choice as chosen course, i.e. assign this course to the student. Just select the requested course and then click this button.

You can also make a selection by double-clicking.


Fixing the course choice


You can use this function to explicitly fix the selected course of a course choice so that no change can be made to this course assignment during course optimisation.