Course-student overview

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The course-student overview provides you with a summary of which courses are being taken by which students and is also used to allocate courses to students and students to courses.


The window consists of three parts:


1. On the left is the course window with a list of possible courses.


2. On the right is the student window with a list of students.


3. The detail window in the centre shows either the courses for a student (when the focus is on a student) or the students in a course (when the focus is on a course).




Note: Clipboard

The contents of the student list can be copied to the Windows clipboard by selecting the desired rows and executing the command 'Edit | Copy' (or by pressing CTRL+C).






Note: Course-student-overview and course scheduling

The course scheduling module also extends the functionality of the course-student overview. Some of the following figures may differ from your system version if you use the course scheduling module. You can find a more detailed description of the extended functions of the course scheduling module in chapter 'Course scheduling' under ' Data input '.