Selecting time/date

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After course specification a suitable time and date must be found for the exam. To this end, specify a date when the exam should take place the week (in the date field) and enter the duration of the exam in the duration field.


The right window pane will display the data relevant for the exam for each period in the selected week.


Total: number of students taking a course in this period.


Exam: number of students taking the scheduled exam and who attend a course in this period.


Balance: number of students not taking the scheduled exam but who attend a course in this period.


No. of courses: number of courses taking place in this period.


Exam courses: number of courses taking place in this period and for which an exam is taking place.



Note: Only courses involved

This information only relates to those courses that are also taken by at least one of the students participating in the planned exam. Other courses are, after all, not affected by the exam.






Conflicting courses


If you wish to see more detailed information on a period, select the desired period and click on the 'Conflicting courses' button to open a window of the same name. This will display which courses and which students are affected by the exam.




Tip: At least one exam course

Exams are usually held when affected exam courses (or at least some of them) take place since this involves no timetable changes for the students and they will automatically have the time available. Furthermore, (at least) one teacher and a room are certain to be available for the exam.



Once you have found a suitable time and date you can create the exam with the data displayed using the <Transfer Exam> button and then edit the information in the ' Exams' window.