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The definition and creation of courses was described in chapter ' Specifying courses ', section ' Students timetables '. Please refer to that chapter for more details.


Parallel courses, i.e. equivalent course for a certain subject such as biology should be numbered sequentially. For example, if you have three equivalent biology course you should name them bio1 , bio2 and bio3 or bio01 , bio02 and bio03 .



Note: Equivalent courses

The optimisation algorithms recognise equivalent courses on the basis of their similar names (followed by a number)


You can best see possible courses in the course-student-overview .





When the course scheduling module is used, the window on the left, the course window, provides the additional column "Choices" displaying the number of course choices where the course in question occurs.


There are also the additional fields of 'Min. No.' (minimum number of student) and 'Max. No.' (maximum number of students) . During course optimisation, Untis attempts to observe the minimum and maximum number of students for courses.





If you wish to edit student numbers simply click on the relevant field and enter the desired value. Alternatively, you can enter the values direct for the lessons (on the 'Lessons' tab under 'Lessons | Classes').