Transferring courses

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As with students, there are three possible ways to do this:


The course will be offered to the same class as in the previous year

In this case you do not need to do anything in Untis.


The course is transferred

In this case the course is offered for a different class and no longer for last year's class.


The course is copied.

The course is offered to the same class as last year and also to a different class.





The figure above illustrates the following situation:


Course orc1 has been copied, i.e. it is now offered to classes 12 and 13. Students who took the course last year and who have transferred will automatically be assigned to the course in class 13.


Course EN2 will be transferred, i.e. it will only be held for class 13 and no longer for class 12. In this case, student assignment is kept for students who have transferred.




Note: The same subject name in different class levels/years

If you define the same subject name for courses in different class levels/years, course selections will be kept for students who transfer even if the course is given by a different teacher.