Creating a new cluster / deleting a cluster /splitting

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Create new cluster




If you wish to create a new cluster, simply press the 'Create new cluster' button. Untis will create an empty cluster with 0 periods. As soon as you assign a course to the cluster this number will be adjusted to the number of open periods of the course. You can also enter and change the number of weekly periods in the cluster yourself.




Note: Cluster = simultaneous sequence of lessons

Since a cluster is actually a simultaneous sequence of lessons, you will also find the new cluster in the 'Lesson sequences' window.



Delete cluster




You can delete a cluster by selecting the desired cluster and then clicking on the 'Delete cluster' button.


Split cluster/Scheduling conditions




Use this function to split a cluster containing several periods, for example a 5-period cluster can be split into a 3-period and 2-period cluster.


When you click on this icon, a dialogue pops up where you can additionally allocate double periods or block conditions or lesson groups to all lessons of the cluster.





The impact of this function are certainly reflected in the lesson windows:






If you want to have the possibility to add scheduling conditions to the lessons of the cluster without splitting the lessons, then uncheck the box 'Include copies of the course in the new cluster . If this box is checked the existing lessons will always be split in several lessons with different lesson numbers.


Split cluster by year/level




Use this function to split a cluster containing courses from class levels (years) into several clusters containing courses for a single class level (year). Please refer to section ' Optimisation for several class levels (years)' for more information on this function