Creating parallel courses

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It can of course happen that you have to offer a particular subject in the form of several parallel courses due to a large number of registrations for the course (or, more precisely, the for course subject).


Use the <Create parallel courses> button in the course-student-overview in order to create additional parallel courses. This function opens a dialogue of the same name which displays the actual number and maximum allowed number of students for all the courses you have selected and which provides a proposal in the 'New course' column for the number of parallel courses that should be created. You can of course modify this proposal as you wish.





In the above example, a proposal is made to create two additional parallel course for the subject bio. 47 students have registered for it but there are only 20 places available. The names of parallel courses are generated in such a way by Untis by increasing the highest number behind the subject name by '1' (i.e. the original name is bio1 and then bio2 and bio3 are generated; original names are g1 and g2, g3 is then created anew).



Note: Copying parallel courses to course choices

If you check the box 'Add the new courses to the students' course choices', the newly created parallel courses will immediately be added to the corresponding student course choices.