Change of school year

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Change of school year Untis helps with the change of school year providing its own tool that enables you to easily transfer students to the next class, allowing existing course choices to be retained wherever this makes sense.


Transfer students

Transfer courses


         Select menu item "Modules | Students timetables | New school year" to open a window of the same name.





The window consists of 4 parts. At the top is the selection window (1), where you can choose the classes concerned, the centre section displays the courses (2) of the selected classes on the left and the students (3) of the selected classes on the right while the section at the bottom shows details on the current course (4).



Note: Performing changes

Changes are not executed immediately, but are only earmarked for change. If you wish to perform the changes, you must confirm them with <OK>, or if you wish to reject them, you can click on <Cancel>.


Since all changes in the new school year window are initially only performed on copied data, you must close the window and re-open it if you wish to see the changes you have made to students or courses.