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The student-course-choice window is used to assign courses to a student. The main difference to the course-student choice is that alternative courses can be specified here, too.. It is not absolutely necessary to define which courses a student will actually take.


The window consists of the course choice area in the left pane, the course list in the right pane and the detail window at the bottom.



Note: Restrict to class

Use the combo box at the top left to limit the display to a particular class. The left window will then only display the students from the class, and only the courses allowed for the class will be offered for selection in the course list.





Course list


The course list shows all the courses which are available for the selected student, with the student’s class determining which courses are available. All courses which can actually be chosen, i.e. course without clashes, are highlighted green.


You can also sort the course list by any column in order to make course selection easier.


Course choice window


Each row of the course choice window displays one course choice of the currently active student. You can sue the combo box at the top of the window to determine which student's course choices you wish to display and edit.


A course which has actually been chosen from the set of alternative courses, i.e. the course actually assigned to the student, is displayed in the 'Choice' column. You can also view possible courses in the course-student-overview . The other columns contain possible alternative courses for this course choice. Unfavourable courses are highlighted red, while appropriate (favourable) courses are highlighted green. The sequence of the alternative courses is not relevant.



Note:Without any additional settings, the Student-Course Choice will only show those conflicts which have an effect on creating the cluster. If you also want to see the conflicts which have will arise due to periods already scheduled in the timetable, go to the Course scheduling tab, 'Settings' and check the box Respect timetable .






You can enter one or several codes of your choice for each course choice in the 'Stat.code(s)' column. These codes will be printed in the student-course-choice list and (optionally) in the course-students list and students-course list (printed from the course-student-overview ). They play an important role when scheduling exams (please refer also to the chapter ' Exam scheduling ' and to the notes on statistics codes in chapter ' Course-students-choice ').


Course detail view


The course detail window displays additional data about the currently selected course such as teacher, weekly periods or clusters to which this course belongs. Furthermore, you will also see the courses that make the selected course a poor choice.


There are two reasons for a poor choice of course:


1. The course is in the same cluster as another course which is already assigned.


2. The course has the same division number as another course which is already assigned.




You can perform the following functions in the student-course-choice:


Assign courses and alternative courses

Select courses from alternative courses

Create reserve courses

Specify priorities

Course choice combinations