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When the students timetables module is used, the menu item 'Students' is also activated in the 'Timetable' menu and opens the timetable for an individual student.






Note: Timetables for students

As with timetables for other elements, you can also adapt student timetables to match your requirements and create your own timetable formats . You can find more information on this feature in the chapter'User-defined views' in the 'Untis User Manual'.



Course-student overview as magnifier


The detail window of the course-student overview can also serve as a magnifier when displaying student timetables. Reduce the size of the course-student overview so that only the detail windows can be seen and locate it next to a student’s timetable. If you now page from student to student in the timetable, you will see the course choices for the relevant student in the detail window.





Students of the lesson – Possible students


After creating a timetable it is sometimes necessary for single lessons to determine which students could possibly additionally attend this lesson based on the timetable. Right-click on a period and select 'Students'. The dialogue popping up provides you with the possibilities to show students already assigned to this lesson, and the ones who could be assigned without creating any clashes.





Student timetables can certainly be printed or output in HTML format like any other timetables.


Timetable settings


On the 'Layout 2' tab under <Timetable settings> of class timetables you may check the box 'Cluster mode' for grouping unscheduled periods according to the clusters. They will then not be listed individually next to the timetable. Drag and drop the clusters into the timetable. Even if a cluster has already been scheduled in the timetable, it will be dragged as a unit when shifted.







You can remove single courses from a cluster provided you checked the box 'Separate periods in case of clash' on the 'Layout 2' tab. Drag and drop it on another slot in the grid. When you click on the course, hold the <Ctrl> key down.