Student master data

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You can open the input window for student master data via the <Students> button on the Course scheduling tab.





This is where you enter the details of all students who may choose courses. The meaning of many of the fields match that of corresponding fields in other Untis master data elements or are self-explanatory. If necessary, please refer to the "Untis User Manual" for information on entering data.




Warning: Assigning students to classes

Each student must be allocated to a class since a student may only choose courses allocated to that class. It is sufficient to enter the name and class of a student in order to allocate course options and create student timetables.




Optimisation codes

In addition to the general student data fields there is an additional "optimisation code" input field for course scheduling. Please refer to the chapter Student in the Course scheduling segment for more detailed information of this function.


Class groups

If you use so-called class groups to organise your lessons (please also refer to chapter ' Class groups ' in the 'Untis User Manual'), you can allocate, via the master date field 'Classes with class group', each student the differentiation group(s) he/she chose .

This makes it possible to create an individual timetable for each student.




Tip: Years/grades

If your school system has no (real) classes, we recommend combining a school year to form a class (e.g. YR12) or simply creating one class and assigning all your students to this class.