Interaction with WebUntis

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If your school uses WebUntis , you need to take into consideration the following specialities.


Student master data


Since only the students of the advanced levels are usually integrated into Untis, WebUntis is the data management system for student master data – at least in the context of the WebUntis <=> Untis system. This is the reason why you can deactivate the import of student data in WebUntis under <Administration> | <Integration> on the 'Untis' tab.







You need to deactivate the student master data flow from Untis to WebUntis especially if the students will be downgraded after the new year has started and therefore they attend 2 different classes in the course of a school year.



Usually any type of exams are entered by the respective subject teacher into WebUntis and then they are transferred to Untis.


If, however, Untis is used for exam scheduling, it is recommended that instead of generating one exam for one cluster to generate one exam for each course. Then you will see the exams per course, also in WebUntis. An example:





In the above example a single exam (1) was generated on 4 June for cluster d. The figure below shows that only one exam is generated this way in WebUntis.


If, however, an exam is generated the same way for cluster d on 8 June (2 in the above example) but is divided by clicking on the respective button, you will see 3 separate exams also in WebUntis.