Entering licence data

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You will first be prompted to enter your licence data. (Your Untis partner will have provided you with a document containing your licence numbers.)





Please make sure to enter the licence data correctly. The application will automatically compute the modules you have licenced (cover planning, break supervisions etc.). Confirm your input with <OK>. You will find an overview of the individual modules available in the Modules chapter.


Please note that the licence data are stored in a file and not in the application. If you therefore open the Untis file (.gpn file) with the registered licence data on another computer using Untis you will not have to re-enter the licence data.


Temporary licence


If you have a temporary licence, you must make a corresponding entry in the 'Expiry date' field. If you do not yet have a licence you may use Untis on a trial basis for 3 days. For this, click on the button <3-day express licence>.



Incorrect licence data


If an error message is displayed, please check your input with the details on the licence data document and correct the entry. All the characters of the school name and the licence number must be entered exactly as they appear on the document.