Creating lesson groups

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You create lesson groups by clicking on the <Lesson groups> button.


Lesson groups are created just like master data elements with short name and full name. In the example two lesson groups, 'WA' and 'WB', have been created.


In the case of lesson group WA the 'Week A' box is checked and the 'Week B' box is checked for WB.





Clicking on the <Calendar> toolbar iconMW_101shows you when lessons with this lesson group will be held. In the example of lesson group 'WA - Week A' lessons take place every fortnight beginning with the first week of school. School holidays are displayed in orange while public holidays are displayed in red.





By clicking on the <Weekly periodicity> toolbar iconMW_102once you can switch to the weekly display and see when week A and when week B are activated over the whole school year.





In the example week A is yellow and week B is grey. The colours can be changed by clicking on the icon of the same name.


This lesson group can now be assigned to the lessons in question (see chapter 'Assigning lesson groups to lessons').