Time limitation 'from-to'

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A time limitation is generally understood to be a limited period of validity (from - to).


The most common cases of time restrictions occur for lessons that are held on a semester basis or for graduating classes (final examination classes) where lessons finish before the official end of the school year.


Time limitations can be entered for classes, for lessons and for lesson groups.

Time limitation for a class

1.Please open “Classes | Master Data” in the demo.gpn file.

2.You can enter the desired time limitation on the 'Class' tab or in the 'From' and 'To' columns. If nothing is entered in a column the beginning (from) or the end (to) is assumed.





If conflicting time limitations are entered for a class and for a lesson group the period of overlap applies. If there are any other cases where time limitations conflict, the lesson time limitation applies. You will find more information in the chapter 'Combination of several time limitations'.