Defining several time grids

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If your school uses several time grids, first make sure that the option 'Multi-time grid' is checked under <Settings> | School data'.





All time grids can now be defined under "Settings | Time grids". The main time grid is created automatically by default. Click on the <New> button to create a new time grid and enter a unique name for it.





After clicking on <OK> to confirm, the newly created time grid will be displayed in the selection list in the upper section of the window.






The special characteristics of the new time grid can now be defined. This generally involves specifying the start and end times for the individual periods and the boundary between morning and afternoon.


Please note that the number of days taught, the maximum number of periods per day and the definition of 'First school day of the week' cannot differ from the main time grid.


If fewer periods are taught in a sub-time grid than in the main grid, the periods not required can be entered as time requests (blocked periods) for the classes concerned. Once all time grids have been defined, each class is assigned a time grid in the master data window.