Year's planning in terms

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Years planning in terms is a system used in Finland to distribute lessons to individual terms. The terms are generally several weeks long.


It is advisable to use the Untiscalendar modulewhen each week is scheduled differently, as is often the case in some vocational schools for the healthcare professions.

Terms lasting several weeks

In the Finnish system, which also exists in a similar form in Austrian state schools under the name 'focussed learning', the underlying concept consists in enhancing the value of those subjects that in conventional school systems are taught for only one or two hours per week and are therefore categorised by students and/or parents as 'unimportant'. Such subjects with only a few hours of lessons per week are often pigeonholed as subsidiary subjects.


The value of these subsidiary subjects is enhanced in term planning for the year by not teaching them in each term but, when they are held, by teaching them with the same number of lessons per week as the so-called main subjects. The total number of periods held per year remains the same, but the intensity of teaching in those terms when the subsidiary subjects are taught is disproportionately higher and the students have the impression that the main and subsidiary subjects are equally important due to the approximately equal number of periods per week.

Terms lasting exactly one week

The annual number of teaching periods in vocational schools for the healthcare professions is divided up over the individual weeks (=terms) taking the general educational and organisational conditions into account (e.g. which teachers are available when). Thus there is no timetable for a continuous period of time, not even for a few weeks. The timetable changes completely from week to week. In this case use the calendar module.