Multiple time grids and cover planning

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Defining different time grids at your school for different school types, departments or individual classes will of course have an effect on cover planning. The handling of the cover planning does not change to any great extent as only teachers are suggested for substitutions and shifts who can be assigned without a conflict.


Stand-bys can be scheduled in any time grid in a similar manner to break supervisions. This ensures that there are sufficient standbys at any time



Warning: break supervision and substitutions

Please note that when different time grids are used, potential substitution teachers may not be available for a certain period even though they have no lesson because they have been scheduled to provide break supervision in another time grid.


The display of the substitutions shows the actual time of the substitutions as the number of the period could provide ambiguous information. For example, the second period could start either at 8.50 am or at 8.55 am depending on the time grid in which the period was scheduled.