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Term timetable functions are generally used in the following cases:

Timetable change during the school year (e.g. at the end of the school half-year, when one or more teachers are absent for a considerable period etc.)





A time-limited course system (e.g. all classes have ten weeks of lessons)





With a term timetable the school year is divided into several periods of time and a timetable can be created for each of these terms independently of each other. You could of course save each timetable in a separate file, but you would then have to accept a number of disadvantages. The term timetable offers the following advantages:

You have a single data record for the whole school year.

Statistical analyses can be performed at any time on the complete school year.

Weekly overview reports (especially for printing or for export to intranet/internet) accurately reflect the changing timetable.

Cover planning always automatically accesses the currently valid timetable. Mistakes are thus excluded.