Allocating lessons to lesson groups

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The periods of a lesson can be allocated to different lesson groups automatically. This allows, for example, lessons to be scheduled flexibly over a two-week period. It is also possible to distribute a lesson over the 1st and 2nd semesters of a school year.


Example: a single period lesson of GS for classes 1a and 1b is to take place either as single periods each week or as double periods every fortnight.





Two lesson groups must be created for weeks A and B, respectively. Please refer to the chapter 'Creating lesson groups' for more details on how to do this.


1.Entering the possible lesson groups WA and WB

2.Check 'Distribute periods to lesson groups' option (column 'Distr. LG'), too. This doubles the number of unscheduled periods from 1 to 2 since either one period is to be scheduled each week or two periods are to be scheduled each fortnight.
Automatic scheduling now defines how the lessons are to be scheduled based on the accompanying conditions (e.g. time requests, other lessons in week A or week B) and the weighting settings.

3.The result may be either one period each week or 2 periods every forthnight.