Weekly alternating lessons

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As for inverse time ranges (week A,B; semester 1,2, etc.), automatic scheduling may schedule periods at the same position in the timetable, but not necessarily if the accompanying conditions (availability of rooms or teachers, etc.) prevent it. Two lessons are sometimes combined in such a way that they alternate on the same day every week, and can be scheduled in the same period without the slot being manually fixed (locked) in advance. For example, instrumental tuition could alternate in a fortnightly cycle with choir practice.


For class 4, Designs (DS) and Textiles (TX) are to be scheduled as alternating lessons in a fortnightly cycle.

1.Create two lesson groups for week A and week B as described in the chapter 'Creating lesson groups' .

2.Now activate the 'Line-lesson group' column either by drag&drop from the 'Coupling line' tab or via <Grid adjustment>, category: timetable.

3.        Now you can enter the required lesson group into each coupling line.





The respective lesson is now displayed in week A or B, respectively.







Note: All time ranges in the timetable

When exporting the timetable for the entire year , time ranges can be specified in the lesson period to make clear which lesson takes place in week A and week B. For more information on creating your timetables please read the timetable manual.